CEU Requirements

ASID members must earn a minimum of 1.0 (10 hours) approved continuing education units (CEU) every two years. The current reporting period is from January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2019.

1. What is the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) requirement for this reporting period?

ASID bylaws and policies require all practitioner members (Professional, Allied, and Associate members) to meet the Society’s continuing education membership requirement. The number of continuing education units required during your first membership reporting period varies, depending on when you joined ASID or when your membership status changed:

18 – 24 months before the end of the reporting period = 1.0 (10 hours) CEUs required (Before May 31, 2018)

7 – 17 months before the end of the reporting period = 0.5 (5 hours) CEUs required  (June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019)

0 – 6 months before the end of the reporting period = 0.0 (0 hours) CEUs required  (June 1, 2019 to Dec. 31, 2019)

For ASID members who need continuing education for state licensure renewal, all continuing education taken for your licensing renewal can also be applied to the ASID requirement. Check with your state regulatory board or agency for requirements.

Members in the following categories are not required to fulfill the continuing education requirement: Professional Inactive, Professional Life Member, Professional Retired, Allied Retired, Industry Partner, and Student Member.

 2. Why is there a CEU requirement for ASID members?

Professional development is geared to help members advance their knowledge in the field of interior design. Continuing education includes content regarding sustainability, life-safety, design theories, leadership, applicable technical skills, and several other areas intended to help interior designers gain a better understanding of their field and how it is progressing.

3. What CEUs are acceptable for ASID compliance?

ASID accepts a variety of CEUs. In addition to those that are IDCEC-approved and reported by the provider, members may self-report both IDCEC-approved courses (that may not have been reported by providers) and certain non-IDCEC courses and conferences. Self-reporting forms, when required, can be downloaded from the ASID Approved Continuing Education webpage.

4. How do I check my current CEU compliance?

Members can check their current CEU compliance by logging on to the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) at https://www.idcec.org. Once logged on, you are directed to your Dashboard, where you can check your CEU compliance by clicking “Current Reporting Cycle Courses and Conference,” (see screen shot below):

Once you’ve opened the current reporting period on your dashboard, you’ll be able to review all IDCEC-approved courses and conferences, any non-IDCEC courses and conferences, and any self-reported courses you have registered.

Please note that uploading an attendance certificate is the final step in self-reporting an IDCEC course. This last piece is often forgotten or missed, and without an accompanying certificate, the CEU will not count toward your compliance.

Alaska Chapter members can also contact our Membership Director (membership@ak.asid.org) to inquire about how many CEUs are currently reported for them.

5. What can I do if I haven’t already met my CEU requirement?

There are multiple online resources for members who have not yet completed their CEU requirement. Check out our CEU Resources page for free or low-cost options and check events calendar on our Chapter’s website to see when CEUs will be offered:  http://asid-alaska.org/news-events/

6. What if I don’t meet the CEU requirement for the reporting period?

At the close of this reporting period (ending December 31, 2019), ASID (National) will review reports counting each members registered CEU’s. If a member does not fulfill the requirement, they may be subject to an audit. Failure to provide record of attendance for the required CEUs may result in suspension from membership per the ASID Bylaws. (https://www.asid.org/content/about-asid#.Vcon2mfbKUl)

Please also review the ASID National Bylaws if you would like a more detailed description of the CEU requirement: https://www.asid.org/content/about-asid#.Vcon2mfbKUl.

If you have any unanswered questions, please reach out to our Membership Director, membership@ak.asid.org for answers.